Discover a whole new take on corporate films

Take a fresh look at how ‘your thing’ could be explained. Ronald Top the host for over 30 hours of programming on the Discovery Channel is known as the man for explaining anything.

From the combustion engine to the spinning wheel – Ronald knows how to explain:


Ronald worked on four extremely popular TV series shown in over a 140 countries with an estimated reach of 30 million homes, including Industrial Revelations Europe, Inventing History and Legend Detectives made a real impact informing and educating a whole generation of people about the world around them.. Imagine if we can do that for you ? 


This clear, fun and yet effective style can be within your reach. Allowing you to explain any process, product or relaying any kind of information to your clients, customers, staff or the greater public in general… in any form of media.
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Really… there is nothing we can’t explain !
We welcome you into the world of ‘Things Explained with Ronald Top’.